Addressing the unique needs of today’s Formators
      professional standards
      educational requirements
      individual support needs
      ongoing transformation of the heart.

You will be invited to reflect on
      how you professionally and personally approach formation work
       and ministry
      how your unique obstacles and facilitating qualities might hinder or move
       you toward being a helpful and successful Formator
      how you model yourself as an example of healthy, integrated and peace-
       filled religious and/or clerical life
      how the various aspects of your particular piece of formation complements
       the greater scheme of your Society's, Congregation's, Diocese's overall
       formation philosophy and goals.

Who Would Benefit?
Religious and clergy whose primary ministry involves working along with —
      vocational candidates, aspirants, postulants, novices
      philosophers, theologians, diocesan seminarians
      those in special studies
      members in transition in ministry programs, etc.

In addition, the program would be helpful for personnel charged with —
      following-up with members who have been recently ordained
       and/or professed
      full-time spiritual directors
      superiors and directors who are charged with the coordination, continuity,
       stability, integration and accountability for the initial and ongoing formation
       needs and programs of their Congregation, Society or Diocese.

Click here to download detailed information on our Foundational Formation - Formator Formation.
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