Our mission at Formation Consultation Services is to provide initial and ongoing formation to clergy, religious, as well as laity involved in Church ministry. We assist individuals and communities to take personal responsibility for their ongoing growth and formation by cultivating the art of Reflective Living.

     Reflective Living fosters an increased awakening and awareness of our everyday experiences with the various people, events and things that we encounter throughout our day. By trying to not take daily life for granted, we soak in the awe and wonder around us. We appreciate who we are. We value and honor others, even though we all have our own idiosyncrasies. We increase our patience and tolerance with our own individual limitations and those of others. We learn to surrender, finding comfort and peace by placing life into perspective.

     Reflective Living prevents us from being overwhelmed, burnt-out and out of control. It reduces the influence that our insecurities have on our daily lives. We often react to our insecurities by indulging in various compensations like over-work, over-eating, and abusing alcohol, sex and power. We cease to pray. We become rigid and excessive in some areas. We seek to satisfy our self-interest strivings in order to cover over our personal insecurities.

     Reflective Living opens our eyes, ears and hearts to how people, events and things in our daily lives affect us, push and pull us, and bump us off course. The ebb and flow of daily life has a way of knocking us constantly off balance. Reflective Living is an ongoing corrective, a rebalancing, a way of maintaining harmony and personal integrity. We reduce stress and maintain peace of mind when we live in a reflective manner.

     Reflective Living is about deliberately, specifically and consciously deciding each day how to take up and live out being an openhearted human being today. How we take up our daily tasks of ministry, of living and working with others, of relating to ourselves, others and God is the substance of Reflective Living. Reflective Living cultivates ordinary intimacy with ourselves, others and our God by incrementally increasing our awareness of both our particular obstacles to intimacy and our unique facilitating conditions that welcomes ordinary intimacy into our daily lives.

     Formation Consultation Services seeks to enhance the quality of life, ordinary intimacy, spirituality and collaboration of priests, clergy and religious by fostering the art of Reflective Living.

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