Just what is hospitality? From our research and reflective practices, hospitality is the process of welcoming others, encouraging our guests to make themselves at home, through an invitation to rest and be themselves.

     From the earliest and foundational experiences of life, these components are essential to any notion we may have as to just what it means to give or receive hospitality. Time and the jarring occurrences of a lifetime may lead some to confuse authentic hospitality with mere functional attitudes and behaviors. Our program and process will assist you to rediscover those modes of authentic hospitality that we all yearn to revitalize and sustain.

     This will be achieved through an in-depth process that will review, redefine, and redirect your personal hospitality story.

     Your hospitality story and process might be part of your Rediscovering the Sabbath program or you may want to enter into this process as a 1 to 3 week process.

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on Hospitality Story & Process.
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