Come Grow With Us. Throughout life, you were shaped by formative and deformative, helpful and unhelpful experiences that left lasting imprints. These were defining moments which colored your life. These colors are your distinctive strengths and particular vulnerabilities.

  • 1 - 3 week in-depth experience

  • based on your Structured Autobiography

  • offered on an ongoing basis throughout the year

  •      Self-awareness is the heart of our formative process, not as a secular humanistic means of self-fulfillment, but as an essential foundation for an authentic life of the spirit. As you continue your ministry, it is helpful to become aware of your style of relating to yourself, others and God, so that you will not experience disillusionment, burnout, or spiritual bankruptcy.

    As aware and growing people, we remain in an
    ongoing process of discovering, uncovering,
    owning and befriending ourselves.

         The Formative Process of Awareness (FPA) is distinguished by our posture of respect and reverence. We meet you where you are, as you are, with the necessary freedom to let down in whatever way you may need. In order to do this, we provide a safe, accepting and confidential environment.

         At the core of our approach is a Christian anthropology of the human person. This means our journey is a lifelong process in becoming human in the fullest sense.

    Click here to download detailed information on our Rediscovering the Sabbath
    and Formative Process of Awareness.
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