On some level every religious and clergy member is a leader. Whether one is a pastor, pastoral assistant, bishop, provincial, formator, spiritual director; whether one teaches, ministers to the disenfranchised of society and the world, works in a provincialate or chancery, focuses on the formation of younger members, works on the formation or leadership team, etc, the cry for leadership has never been greater within the Church.

     We believe that leaders are formed and not trained. Religious and clergy are usually more than adequately trained in their particular discipline and area of ministry and competence. It is not the functional and practical aspects of leadership that clergy and religious sometimes lack, but rather the way and the manner of taking up one’s leadership responsibilities on a daily basis that is often unreflective and thus unguided. It is usually our self-interest-strivings that obstruct our leadership. Our self-interest strivings often show up around the conference/meeting table. Individuals push their agenda. In this manner they do not listen and hear. A harshness, insistence, stubbornness, rigidity, etc results through a closed heartedness. This infects and contaminates the meeting.

     Formation Consultation Services offers a unique process to foster success with integrity and peace of mind to clergy and religious who are in leadership positions.

  • The burden and stress have never been greater.

  • The importance of leading from one’s core has never been clearer.

  • The demands on leaders within the Church have never taken such an
        intense toll on body, mind, heart and soul.

  • For detailed information on Reflective Leadership click below.
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