We welcome you to touch the mystery of God's presence in your life through our Rediscovering the Sabbath program.

  • an individualized experiential sabbatical

  • starting and ending dates at your discretion

  • duration of program one week to several months

  •      Our Rediscovering the Sabbath process is designed to help you grow in the art of Reflective Living. Spirituality is growing into an intimate relationship with God through people, events and things in your everyday life. Our experiential process is grounded in your story of how your heart and spirit has unfolded. You are invited to develop the ability to reflect upon your everyday life experience as your sacred text, in the service of growing in a deeper relationship with self, others and God.

         A central focus of this process is to name, claim, and work with that which blocks your eyes to see, your ears to hear, and your heart to feel. Through self-awareness, compassion for self, and conversion of the heart, you are invited to:

  • recover your vision and passion

  • increase your sensibility of the sacred

  • rediscover your inner wisdom

  • revitalize your spirit and joy for ministry

  • The Sabbath is a call to live life from the depth of your heart in a community-based atmosphere of support, acceptance, trust and care.
    Nourish Your Soul
         Through our process, you may begin clearing the clutter that has covered over your heart and spirit. You will discover or rediscover what you are truly passionate about. You will learn skills to draw from your inner wisdom, honor your thoughts, feelings, intuitions, creativity, hopes and dreams. You will be empowered to return to the world of ministry more grounded in yourself with a clearer sense of purpose and direction, joy and meaning.

    Click here to download detailed information on our Rediscovering the Sabbath
    and Formative Process of Awareness.
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