Vincent M. Bilotta, PhD of Formation Consultation Services      Vincent M Bilotta, PhD, inaugurated Formation Consultation Services in 1986. Having graduated from the College of the Holy Cross (Worcester MA 1968) with a focus on philosophy and psychology, and with a passion for involvement as a cultural change agent, Vinnie undertook his doctoral studies in clinical psychology at Duquesne University (Pittsburgh, PA 1968-1972).
     At that time, Duquesne’s psychology department was rooted in existential phenomenology. This specialized orientation has provided Vinnie with a unique entryway to assist clergy and religious to access the core and spirit of their humanness. This approach also guides FCS’s research and development of Human Formation processes and programs.

     During his matriculation at Duquesne, Vinnie was inspired by Fr Adrian van Kaam, CSSp (1920-2007) and his emerging theory of Foundational Spirituality. From this period onward, Vinnie has been working along with clergy and religious throughout the world. Formation Consultation Services comes from a Christian anthropology perspective that the core of being human is spirit. The spirit, the symbolic human heart, remains the conduit between humanity and God. Reflective Living has evolved as the basis for all FCS processes and programming.

      In addition Dr Bilotta has advanced studies in spirituality, as well as advanced behavioral medicine and family systems training. With a keen awareness concerning the centrality of the body and its connection with the emotional and spiritual life, Vinnie incorporates a focus on body awareness as a means of growing into the art of Reflective Living. Over the course of nearly 40 years Vinnie has dedicated his life’s work to assisting religious and clergy to take personal responsibility for their initial and ongoing formation. He has guided innumerable individual clergy and religious members, as well as Dioceses, Orders, Congregations, and Societies. Vinnie is actively sought as a lecturer and speaker, and is the author of numerous articles on ongoing formation issues. Many of these articles can be download from our web page within the section – Articles on Formation. Vinnie has incrementally developed the Formative Process of Awareness and created processes and programs based on a person’s life story.

     In the ongoing unfolding of Dr Vincent M Bilotta's research and practice, in 1996 he initiated the Institute for Reflective Leadership along with his brother, George J Bilotta, PhD. In January 2001, George assumed the responsibilities of the day-to-day operations of Formation Consultation Services. The processes that Vinnie and George developed for the Institute of Reflective Leadership were folded into program offerings through Formation Consultation Services, in particular FCS’s Reflective Leadership process. The Reflective Leadership process assists the individual or team to explore self-interest-ego strivings, e.g., control, insistence, intolerance, distrust, over-achieving, etc and how these unhelpful dispositions hinder leadership capacity individually and as team members on a commission, committee, leadership council, etc. In addition, Reflective Leadership unfolds as a dispositional means of taking up leadership in a manner that cascades with personal fulfillment, joy, and peace.

Vincent M. Bilotta, PhD and George J. Bilotta, PhD of Formation Consultation Services
George J. Bilotta, PhD of Formation Consultation Services

Vincent M. Bilotta, PhD and George J. Bilotta, PhD of Formation Consultation Services
     George J Bilotta, PhD, graduated from the College of the Holy Cross (Worcester MA 1972) with a concentration in sociology and philosophy. He earned his MA degree in Psychology and Counseling at Assumption College (Worcester MA 1973). From 1973 through 1987 George was a member of the Society of Jesus. He has advanced training in group dynamics (University of Maine Portland), as well as degrees in philosophy, divinity, and theology through Boston College and the Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley CA. With formation and training as a spiritual director, George worked along with local clergy and religious for many years as a psychotherapist and spiritual director.

     At the urging and mentoring of his brother Vinnie, George began his study of van Kaam’s Foundational Spirituality blending these insights and learnings into his work with clergy, religious and the laity. From September 1983-1986 George matriculated at United States International University (San Diego CA) earning his doctoral degree in psychology with a focus on Marriage and Family Systems and Therapy. USIU at that time was only one of three schools offering a doctoral concentration in the new field of family systems and psychotherapy. Having the advantage of studying with some of the pioneers in this emerging area George retains a rich appreciation for the impact of family of origin on the formation and de-formation of religious and clergy members.

     Along with Vinnie, George has researched and co-authored most of the processes and manuals used by FCS today. In particular George has been traveling to Australia to work along with many religious women and men’s groups focusing on initial and ongoing formation, as well as Reflective Leadership processes. George has a passion for working along with formators. He often notes that if he had the Human Formation that FCS espouses that he may still be in religious life today. In particular some of FCS formation material has already been translated into Indonesian and Teton for use in East Timor.

     With common passions and interests Vinnie and George often dreamed of working in collaboration and creating together. Initially through the Institute of Reflective Leadership and then solely focused on Formation Consultation Services, George has assisted Vinnie in honing FCS into an innovative, practical, and reflective leader within the arena of Human Formation.

Maryjane Michaud O’Connor of Formation Consultation Services      Joining FCS in 2008 when FCS relocated its center to Worcester MA, Maryjane Michaud O’Connor, MA, LMT, graduated massage school in 1986 and is licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a Massage Therapist. She earned her National Certification in Sports Massage in 1988, taught advanced techniques for a nationally recognized massage school, and also consults and presents to massage therapists on the topics of Ethics, Boundaries and Client Communication Skills at workshop and conference settings.

     After graduating from Worcester State College, Worcester, MA with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology in 1991, she earned her Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from National University, San Diego, CA in 1995. From 1994 through 1998 Maryjane worked as a marriage, family, child counselor and as Director of Training and Education at the Center for Community Solutions in San Diego, CA. To this day CCS helps more than 30,000 adults and children each year to heal from and prevent relationship and sexual violence. In addition to community outreach, Maryjane was responsible for coordinating and delivering presentations and trainings on the subjects of relationship violence and prevention throughout San Diego County.

     Maryjane relocated to Worcester, MA in 1999 and opened a private holistic healing practice. She offers traditional and rehabilitative massage therapy as well as somatic healing which focuses on the bodymind connection. Maryjane’s whole-person integrative approach helps individuals struggling with burnout, anxiety, emotional exhaustion, chronic stress and trauma.

     “The body is extremely resilient and has the ability to heal itself and keep itself well if proper balance is achieved. I create a comfortable atmosphere of respect and trust so the client is able to establish or reestablish a relationship with their body and ultimately gain a greater sense of self-awareness and self-acceptance. Remaining aware and present while befriending the body will help the client achieve a natural state of inner peace and a balance in the body, mind and spirit.

     Human Formation is FCS’s expertise. It is our niche. To our knowledge we are unsurpassed by any other organization. No other organization has developed and honed more practical down-to-earth Human Formation processes to assist religious and clergy to take up personal responsibility for their initial and ongoing formation than Formation Consultation Services. FCS has meticulously created Human Formation processes to form formators who guide applicants, postulants, novices and scholastic formation periods. FCS continues to invest in its ongoing development and honing of Human Formation processes. This is our continued commitment to excellence, ministry, and helpfulness to the Church.

     Formation Consultation Services is dedicated to assist clergy and religious to grow in appreciative awe of who they are as precious human beings, and as gifted and graced clergy and religious. Our mission is to help to cultivate an openheartedness, a wholeheartedness that unfolds in peacefulness as a person journeys day-by-day in service as a religious, as a clergy person, in deep relationship with self, others and God.

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